From time to time, many kids need specialized physicals. Suhir Bitar, MD, offers comprehensive physicals through At Home Pediatric Medicine Concierge throughout the Phoenix, Arizona metro area, and treats kids throughout the state of Arizona. When you’re ready to learn more about having your child’s physicals performed at home, call the office to book a visit. Telemedicine visits are also available to patients throughout Arizona.


● Sports Physicals● School Physicals

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  • What are specialized physicals?

    Specialized physical exams are performed in order to meet the requirements of the organization or institution that requested the exam. Unlike your child’s routine physicals, which screen for developmental concerns and focus on preventive health, specialized exams take a more focused look at your child’s health and wellness. Some of the reasons your child might need a specialized exam are in preparation for:
    ● Summer camp● Youth athletics● Overseas travel● Starting school● Starting a new preschool● Beginning a new job
    No matter what type of exam your child needs, Dr. Bitar is here to help them meet the requirements laid out by the requesting party.

  • What should I do to prepare for my child’s physicals?

    You don’t need to do anything special to prepare for your child’s physical exam. If you are a new patient, gathering your child’s medical records and immunization history can be helpful. Of course, if your child has been treated for a severe illness or has a history of injuries, let Dr. Bitar know during the visit.
    As with all physicals, it can be helpful to create a list of written questions. This helps ensure that you receive all of the guidance you need during the exam and that everything is remembered.
    As always, if your child is fearful of medical settings, be sure to explain that a visit from At Home Pediatric Medicine Concierge takes place in your own home and that your child can have all of their familiar toys and family members nearby throughout the visit.

  • What if my child “fails” their specialized physical exam?

    Specialized physicals are intended to determine if a child is healthy enough to participate in a specific activity. If Dr. Bitar identifies an area of concern that prevents her from signing off on the physical exam paperwork, you’ll discuss the matter in depth during the visit.
    If an exam reveals a health issue, that means the process has worked as intended. While it can be frustrating to delay participating in school, sports, or camp, there is nothing more important than good health. In most cases, health issues can be effectively treated, and your child can “pass” their next specialized exam with flying colors.

    Booking a visit with At Home Pediatric Medicine Concierge is as easy as a quick phone call or a few moments online, so don’t delay.


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