Telemedicine vastly expands access to pediatric health services, helping parents obtain the services their child needs. For many families throughout Arizona, including in the Phoenix metro area, Suhir Bitar, MD, of At Home Pediatric Medicine Concierge, is the telemedicine practitioner of choice. To give telemedicine a try, book a visit online in just a few clicks or call the office to check appointment availability.

  • How does telemedicine work?

    Telemedicine is what happens when you combine health services with communications technology. It’s an approach that allows you to connect with your child’s health provider without the need to travel across town for an in-office visit.
    While there are limitations to what can be accomplished through a telemedicine visit, a wide range of routine pediatric health needs are a great fit for this approach. From routine exams to sick visits, special needs care, and more, you might be surprised to learn how many services can be performed remotely.

  • What are the benefits of telemedicine?

    Convenience is certainly at the top of this list. The ability to connect with your child’s practitioner no matter where you‘re physically located makes it easy to get the care your family needs when they need it.
    You don’t have to bundle everyone up, wrangle them into the car, and drive to a physical office location. There’s no sitting in a crowded waiting room and no need to head back home after the visit.
    Telemedicine is a wonderful option for kids who are injured or ill. No one is at their best when they aren’t feeling well, and telemedicine allows your child to be seen and evaluated from the comfort of home.
    Telemedicine is also a great fit for those who require special needs care and for whom travel isn’t always easy. Kids who are sick benefit from telemedicine, as do the other community members who don’t have to risk exposure to a communicable disease.

  • What can I do to prepare for my child’s telemedicine visit?

    Taking a little time to set up for your child’s telemedicine visit can help you make the most of your time with Dr. Bitar. Try to find a location that is out of the way of household traffic. Dr. Bitar needs to be able to hear you and your child, and you need to be able to hear her clearly.
    Lighting is also an essential factor. Dr. Bitar should be able to see your child to properly assess their condition clearly. Try to find a place in your home with sufficient natural light, or consider moving a lamp to improve lighting in the area.
    When you’re ready to give this approach a try, call the At Home Pediatric Medicine Concierge office during normal business hours to set up a visit, or book online in just a few clicks. Your membership entitles you to unlimited telemedicine visits, including messaging and video calls. .


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