Special Needs Care


If your family has a child with special needs, finding the right pediatric practitioner is essential. Suhir Bitar, MD, has extensive experience in special needs care and offers these services through At Home Pediatric Medicine Concierge throughout the Phoenix, Arizona metro area. If having your child’s care performed at home and by a provider who is compassionate and familiar with working with special needs children is important to you, call or schedule a visit online today. Telemedicine visits are also available to patients throughout Arizona.

  • Why is special needs care so important?

    Kids with special needs have so much to share with the world. They also deserve health services tailored to their unique needs. Dr. Bitar loves working with kids, but her special needs patients have their own special place in her heart.
    Working with special needs children is incredibly rewarding. Dr. Bitar enjoys helping kids and their families celebrate developmental milestones and conquer challenges. She understands that what works for one child may not be the right fit for another.
    No matter what type of health or developmental issue a child faces, Dr. Bitar is here to deliver routine preventive health, acute care, or chronic disease management, as needed. She is well versed in behavioral therapy in addition to parental training.

  • How is special needs care performed?

    One of the best things about partnering with Dr. Bitar is the opportunity to have your child’s pediatric health needs met in your own home. Very often, kids feel far more comfortable in their own living spaces, where they are surrounded by the things and people they are most familiar with.
    Dr. Bitar understands that delivering care to special needs kids often takes a bit more time. She takes an unrushed approach that places the patient at the center of the process. Most kids respond very well to her personable nature and warm, caring personality.

  • How can I help my child feel comfortable working with a new special needs care provider?

    It’s normal for kids to feel uncomfortable with change, and those with special needs sometimes have an even greater challenge when it comes to welcoming a new person into their lives. Let your child know that Dr. Bitar is excited to meet them and help them feel stronger, more energized, and ready to take on whatever their day has to offer.
    Once the appointment begins, Dr. Bitar takes the time to get to know your child. There is never a rush, and kids who need to take things slow or ask questions during their visits are welcome to do so.
    When you’re ready to find an outstanding practitioner who understands how to deliver the very best special needs care, reach out to At Home Pediatric Medicine Concierge to schedule a visit. You can contact the practice online or by phone.


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